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I JUST DISCOVERED THIS ALBUM AND WEBSITE TODAY. I wasn't familiar with Neil's work at all, and I only got to hear the samples from his website, but I just dug them so much! Neil seems to bridge the gap between the ultra-cool arrangments of Enoch Train with the smooth conversational storytelling of early Steven Curtis Chapman, and the warmth of James Taylor, and we need more James Taylor songwriting and singing in this world! The songs aren't necessarily country...not quite folk...bluesy, but not too rowdy..with enough firey passion burning, to make sure no one falls asleep. Just the right balance. They seem to speak to the heart from the heart. I know that sounds corny, but its refreshing for me, to find music so unpretentious and honest, that is well-crafted enough, to just flow and be enjoyed. It's that matter-of-fact, slice of life, honesty that shines through that caught me off guard. I particulary liked I SURVIVE (wow!) and CLOSE YOUR EYES, but there seem to be a bunch of gems there. The production is fresh and lively, but the spirit is soothing. Can't wait to check out the whole album. I love finding surprises like this!!!” - Steven Stewart

— Review

HURRICANE MUSICIAN NEIL BRADLEY OWEN SHOWS ON HIS SECOND ALBUM that just a lone man playing his heart out can create some of the best music to fit any mood... he doesn't just stick to one form of music, which is totally evident here on "Front Porch Prose" He can crank out bluesy jams like the groovy "Baby Blues" and the feel good "Goin Fishin", but he can also switch gears as shown with the heartfelt "I Survive" and the Inspirational "Close Your Eyes and Pray." "That's the Way It Is With Us" is a strait up acoustic mellow rock jam. For those looking for some truly lyrically-beautiful songs, the emotional "Don't Wake Me Up Sunshine" and the truthfully sad, yet brilliant "Train To Catch This Morning" make for some great memorable ballads. The best part of the album is when Owen goes into more serious territory with the Vietnam War inspired "How Long Can the Mekong Delta Last" which happens to be the best song on the album. Lyrics like "52 died today, and my mother's eyes turned to glass" will be poetic and highly moving for any listener...” - Doug Radunich

— The Independent, St. George, Utah